Public Health Projects

Tobacco Product Waste Reduction Project

The Tobacco Product Waste Reduction Project researchers collected over 30,000 pieces of commercial tobacco product waste in the eight largest cities in San Diego County. They are now working with communities to discuss upstream solutions to this pollution.

Principal Investigator: Georg Matt, PhD


Funding Source: California’s Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program

Health Effects in Pediatric Patients Only Exposed to Thirdhand Smoke

Children face the greatest risks of harm from tobacco exposure. This project aims to identify children exposed to thirdhand smoke only and evaluate how this exposure may be affecting their health.

Principal Investigators: Melinda Mahabee-Gittens, PhD, and Georg Matt, PhD

Contact: and

Funding Source: National Institutes of Health

Using Biomarkers to Distinguish Types of Smoke Exposure in Children

Biomarkers are chemicals that we can measure to estimate other harder-to-measure exposures. This project uses public use datasets of multiple biomarkers for tobacco exposure to differentiate between second- and thirdhand smoke as well as e-cigarette smoke. Children are of particular concern because they are more vulnerable to the harms of tobacco exposure.

Principal Investigator: Ashley Merianos, PhD


Funding Source: National Institutes of Health