Student Research Opportunities

Student Research Opportunities

This internship is currently closed. However, we are always offering additional in-person opportunities for students at any local university! Reach out to to learn more.
About the Internship:
The Center for Tobacco and the Environment brings together communities and researchers from a wide range of backgrounds to seek solutions to human exposure and environmental contamination created by decades of tobacco use. We are committed to contributing to policy initiatives to end commercial tobacco sales and use by 2035. You can see the list of our current projects here.
In January, we will be beginning new projects as part of the Policy Research Center branch of the CTE. These projects are designed to be completed over a period of several months, so you will be able to see a project through from start to finish over the duration of your internship. These projects will address community-identified issues related to tobacco and the environment and produce materials that can be used by communities to inform policy makers.
During the spring semester we will be working on 3 projects:

1) Evaluating a smokefree campground policy on Tribal land

2) Implementing smokefree outdoor dining in San Diego

3) Researching the disclosure of tobacco use history in real estate sales

These projects involve activities including developing survey and interview instruments, collecting quantitative and qualitative data, analyzing data, and preparing reports.
Learning opportunities include community partner workshops, administrative team meetings, monthly journal club, and bi-monthly policy roundtables with tobacco control advocates.
Principal Investigators:

Dr. Georg Matt

Dr. Lydia Greiner

Dr. Rachael Record

Dr. Tom Novotny

Dr. Paula Stigler Granados

Dr. Nicolas Lopez-Galvez

Who Can Apply:
Undergraduate and graduate students
This internship can be used for PSY 499.
Students should have a basic understanding of the research process and a genuine interest in working with research participants in the community. We require a two-semester commitment for 8-10 hours/week. Students will receive training in a variety of research methods and have the opportunity to participate in data collection, analysis, and reporting. Research projects are conducted throughout San Diego.
How to Apply:
Students should submit the RAAP general application. After completing the RAAP application, students should submit a letter of interest, along with their resume, to Ms. Laura Anderson The letter of interest should summarize their research experience and/or classes, their goals for this internship, and their interest in this particular lab. Interviews will be scheduled as applications are received.
The deadline for applications is January 15, 2024.
Reach out to Laura Anderson at